10% Rebate


Rebate - 10%
Company Type -
Fiat Option -
Stable Coins -
Country - Japan/Singapore
Online Since - 2014

Liquid.com Kickback – Exchange Trading cashback – 10%

Company Profile
Online Establishment 2014
Liquid Global, Quoine Pte. Ltd
Country of Origin
Japan, Singapore, Vietnam
Volume 24H (rounded)
$242M a/o April 2021
Fiat Offering
Token Offering
Stable Coins Offering
Crypto Margin Trading
Crypto Options Trading
Crypto Futures Trading
Staking Option
Not Available
Lending Option
Borrowing Option
Not Available
Email Adress support@liquid.com
Phone Number not specified
Company Features
1.) Listed among the Top Crypto Exchanges. Liquid Earn launching soon.
2.) Up to 25x leverage
3.) Deposit using local currencies (selected)
4.) Ability to lock balance on wallets
Rebate Details
1.) Rebates are are valued as 10% on commissions.
2.) Rebates are automatically discounted on your trading.
3.) Cryptocurrency trading is considered a high risk investment. We are not liable for incurred losses. Invest at your own risk!


Account Opening Instructions
1.) Register for a Liquid Account using this link in order to start trading with us and receive cryptocurrency rebates with the company.
2.) Our IB account is: “Gc5oJBzJ880335
3.) Optional – We can confirm your account with the company by using our “Submit Account” forms.
Already Have Account
Account transfer not available.
Liquid prohibits multiple accounts per person for the mean time.


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