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Rebate - 5%
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Country - USA
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Tectum Rebates – Atlcoin Presale cashback – 5%

Company Profile
Online Establishment 2018
Country of Origin
USA and Russia
Tectum Blockchain
  • Tectum is the world’s fastest blockchain – a lightning-fast distributed ledger powering the superconductive digital financial environment of the future.
  • It is a distributed ledger protocol platform that employs the proprietary record change signature management algorithm – HashDrive™.
  • Tectum exceeds 1 million TPS and provides instant event status delivery & ownership updates.
Tectum Wallet
  • Instant transfers that are limited only by Internet bandwidth.
  • Instantly transfer & convert crypto for a fraction of the cost of conventional networks.
  • Transactions are posted instantly excluding the possibility of overspending or double spending.
  • Inexpensive transfer costs between 1% and 10% of the native currency cost – under 2% for Bitcoin Network.
  • 100% guaranteed settlement with native networks instantly confirmed by miners.
  • Easy integration with fiat (conventional) currency platforms.
  • Low cost of operation, allowing a single database to easily service over a million users.
  • Huge potential profitability for software partners resulting from lower transaction fees.
  • Fully tested technology solution developed by a trusted blockchain development firm.
  • Robust & maturity underlying technology framework.
  • Proprietary and copyrighted intellectual property.
  • Tectum is faster and less vulnerable than than the Lightning Network, and the Tectum wallet maintains a native BTC environment that remains fully integrated with Bitcoin Main Network, giving it an advantage over wBTC.
Tectum Softnote
  • SoftNote is a transactionless payment system powered by the superconductive digital environment of the Tectum Blockchain 3.0, and uses crypto and digital currencies as a store of value. It is a blockchain node that is enabled to create digital banknotes, which are called “SoftNotes”.
  • You simply import your bitcoin balance into Tectum Wallet or SoftNote, and push a button to create softnotes based on that balance. You can exchange those softnotes with other users, which can be exhanged back for the balance in Bitcoin.
  • Softnote is an alternative to cash money, providing a handover versus a traditional transfer. It offers the same level of anonymity that Bitcoin does, along with compete independence from native networks and detachment from crypto and banking systems.
Tectum Enumeration Token (TET)
  • TET combines the attributes of Tectum Coin and SoftNote, both giving the participant plenty of time to make the commitment right for them at any point in time.
  • TET can be exchanged for a SoftNote(s) minting license or used to buy the Tectum Coin at its collateral value, regardless of its current utility value.
  • The TET Value Proposition is a guaranteed 1:1 conversion to other Tectum products, which in combination with its ever-increasing utility value makes it a virtually risk-free store of value.
  • TET is the Utility token of Tectum like BNB of Binance.
Company Features
1.) Absolute Anonymity, Zero-Commission Payment Procedure, Instant Payment Processing:
2.) Network Independence & Isolation, Internet Independence
3.) Excellent Security, Handover” instead of “Transfer”, Microtransaction-Friendly
Rebate Details
1.) Rebates are are valued as 5% on token presale
2.) Rebates are calculated after every ICO purchase.
3.) Cryptocurrency presale is considered a high risk investment. We are not liable for incurred losses. Invest at your own risk!


Account Opening Instructions
1.) Register for a Tectum Wallet using this link in order to start earning extra 5% TET from your investment.
2.) Our referral code: “151
3.) Requires – Please use the “Submit Account” forms to submit your wallet address!
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